Meet The Team

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Rebecca Horner


I have always had a passion for styling, whether it be the décor in my own home, in preparation for a small gathering or full-scale theatre production, however, I have always had an eye for Weddings.


As a young girl, you could find me sat on the sofa binge watching some of my favourite movies: Bride Wars, 27 Dresses and The Wedding Planner to name a few!


Like many, I had big dreams of inspiring others one day with a Wedding of my own, little did I know I would have the opportunity to shape and create multiple! 


To witness my ideas develop throughout each chosen theme and see them shift into something truly special for those involved, whilst helping to create a unique atmosphere for each couple on one of the most important days of their lives is something I feel is more fulfiling than any job role.


After graduating from Bangor University in 2017 with First Class Honours in Media with Theatre, I immediately transitioned into studying for a Diploma with the United Kingdom Academy of Wedding and Event Planners (UKAWEP).


I often draw inspiration from concepts and practices learnt through my Theatre degree, as directing and staging productions has ensured I am familiar with taking a concept and growing the idea to something larger than the sum of its parts, with additional flair!


I hold a great love for the inherent drama and theatrics behind a scene, especially where colours and bold designs are concerned which translates perfectly into styling a memorable Wedding!


Despite this, it is also critical to find the right balance between those striking designs and the retention of the intimacy and privacy of each couple, which is why I love to work with David! He has a way of capturing the tiny moments which can go amiss amongst all the bustle of the big day; taking a minute detail and transforming it, creating an ethereal quality and atmosphere around a specific moment in time.


I am truly excited to see what Boho Brides has in store for the both of us and hope together we will be able to help you on your beautiful journey towards the aisle!

David Retallick

Photographer & Videographer

I've always had an interest in Photography, and over the years it has become a passion that has developed organically, through endless research, and practice! 


My love of both Film and Photography has taken me across the world with a variety of work over the past six years. This has included contracts both corporate and private, producing promotional videos for businesses, and shooting a number of Weddings in North Wales and beyond, which has become a real joy and passion! 


The intimate, documentary style of shooting, whether through Video or Photographic media, is something that has developed naturally during my time behind the camera. I find myself looking for those 'fly on the wall' moments, which often stand out so much more than posed or premeditated images. We all look our best when we're relaxed, and I take my favourite shots when I'm involved in those memories from a small distance, and everyone is at ease and in the moment.


After meeting Rebecca in 2015, we discovered our skills and experience lent themselves well towards the business and, as well as a love for each other, we also found love in our work and ambitions in the creative side of the Weddings and Events industry. 


We are fortunate enough to be based in North Wales, which is home to some of the most astonishing natural beauty in the world; Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Islands and Ocean surround us, so it’s a great source of colours and texture for our themes, but also lends itself perfectly to the Bohemian way of life, which defines itself, in part, through a love of the outdoors, and freedom within natural environments.


It is this sense of place and the people within it which defines so many weddings, and it's a wonderful privilege to live and work in such a unique part of the world!


I know that planning a Wedding can be a daunting task, especially on a budget, but I am sure that together we can work to both create and capture truly special moments on your big day!